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Heart of Darkness (18 July 2009)

Come July 18 and August 22, the latest night of malevolence from the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement promises to assimilate more of the hardest and darkest tracks from around the global alternative circuit.

HEART OF DARKNESS will bring you the best of Industrial / Goth / EBM in the revival of Singapore's premiere goth party of the not-so-distant past. Revel in the primal contagious rhythm layered over the blistering hits--culminating in the lushest and rawest party fit to do your collective rivetheads in. The usual suspects at the decks of fucking doom are our beloved regulars:

- 21:30 to 23:30 DJ Lique
- 23:30 to 1:00 DJ Mentor
- 1:00 to 3:00 DJ Cosmic Battlefield

So come dressed to distress and experience the premium goth vibe with a glass of absinthe or two as the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM) shows you once again what the local goth scene is really about.

HEART OF DARKNESS has previously won critical acclaim in Time Out magazine's Singapore Edition as the Number 1 critic's choice, ranking above quite a few mainstream clubs and parties. Just so you know, we aren't talking out of our asses.

And just for you, promotions!!

- 9pm - 10pm: $30 for 5 tequila / $6 beers / $6 housepours
- 12am - 1am: 1 for 1
- Beers $8 per mug, $25 per jug / Absinthe $12
- Shots $10 / Jagerbomb $20 for 2 / Wine $10
- Jack Daniels $130 per bottle / Finlandia Vodka $120 per bottle / MUMM Champagne $120 per bottle

Other details:
- Location: NOVA, 29 Carpenter street, 6th floor of Safra game haven, opposite Clarke Quay MRT
- Cover: $12 entry (includes one shot of alize)
- MAP:

For more information:

SDAM party pictures –
SDAM Portal and Forum –
SDAM Official Livejournal -
SDAM Official Facebook community -

RSVP at our Facebook Community! HERE
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