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Esplanade and City CO Presents: Scenic Sounds of the Grassland 花好月圆 — 《草原之夜》

Scenic Sounds of the Grassland
花好月圆 — 《草原之夜》
City Chinese Orchestra, in collaboration with Esplanade
19 Sep 2010 (Sun)
Esplanade Concert Hall
Tickets: $25*, $35, $45 (not incld SISTIC charges)
*Concession ticket price - $18


This Mid-Autumn, be transported to a world of love and reunion on the Mongolian grass plains. Delight in a repertoire combining elements of Chinese orchestral, folk and opera music, performed by NAFA Chinese Orchestra and Baotou City Man Han Performance Troupe with spirit, colour and grace.

Watch Zhang Feng Lian, recipient of the 10th Plum Blossom Award and 4th Wenhua Award, perform alongside with Ding Ba Te and Zhong Jun Feng. Also, witness the performance of Er Ren Tai, with its representative instruments: Si Kuai Wa, Mei, Yang Qin and Si Hu.

草原之夜,敖包相会,月儿高,十五的月亮,草原雄鹰,走西口,五月散花 and many more!

What is Man Han Opera?
Man Han opera is a form of Mongolian folk art that originated from the traditional Mongolian Er Ren Tai (duet opera) from the Mo Chuan region of Inner Mongolia. This relatively new form of opera combines the essence of Mongolian and Han music, inspired by Shanxi Opera and Peking Opera, to produce a distinctive opera style that is representative of Mongolian culture.

Here's a preview of one song that we're playing for the concert:
Zou Xi Kou 走西口 by Zhang Feng Lian 张凤莲
Performed during the 2nd Folk Music Concert in Baotou City by another orchestra.
Hear City CO's version on 19 Sep @ Esplanade!

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