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Etc :: (How to) Singapore Idle 123456789

'Never Mind the Taufiks... Don't Stop Till You Hady Enough!'

Etc gets out of the traction and into the action, after recent their brushes with the grim sisters of Illness and Accident.

Etc :: (How To) Singapore Idle One
Thursday, August 6, 2009 :: 9:00pm
P.O.W :: The Prince of Wales
101 Dunlop Street
Little India (between Sim Lim and Serangoon)

Join the two-man power-duo of Etc as they dust themselves down to shack off the shackles that recently kept them off the road. Harvey Etc celebrates surviving lurgee, man-flu & jetlag; while Ben Etc is over the worst of the bloodloss, bruising & abrasions of the horrific crash-landing that ended his recent unscheduled and involuntary trip through space.

They're probably just as dazed & confused as they usually are, but that's not to stop them shaking off the maladies and bringing back the melodies as they unveil their Summer Collection of old favourites and new would-be classics for all your Singapore Idle psychopop & bop needs.

And if you want to join the Facebook's Etc Enthusiasts United clicking here should get you there.

Be happy. Be well. See you soon.
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