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Encore - A Decade of Dreams from the Red Chamber《梦系红楼》— 十年回顾

City Chinese Orchestra
《梦系红楼》—— 十年回顾
A Decade of Dreams from the Red Chamber

Date: 8 August 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30 PM
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall

Ticket Prices: $21, $28, $38, $48 (not inclusive of SISTIC charges)
Concessions: $18, $24, $32, $40 (for students, NSF and Senior Citizens aged 55 and above)

Ticketing agent: SISTIC. Hotline: (65) 6348 5555, SISTIC Website:, All authorised SISTIC outlets island-wide
Schools will be able to use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise 60% of ticket price.
Keppel Nights 50% subsidy is available for Category 2 ($38) and Category 3 ($28) tickets, whilst stocks last. Students and Senior Citizens can enjoy the subsidy if a valid ID is shown at the ticketing counter. Members of the public can find out more about the subsidy by visiting
For more information, please email us at or visit our website at

“To me, this was an unforgettable concert… an unforgettable night, because this night created such an emotional upheaval.” -- Sun Chaoyi, Renmin University of China, on CCO’s performance of the Dream of the Red Chamber concert suite.

"Wu's voice… glides and blends with the orchestra wonderfully, every phrase having a beautiful arch.” -- Jin Tielin, renowned professor at the China Conservatory of Music, on Soprano Wu Bixia.

“His insightful understanding and grasp of traditional music culture enables him to render different music styles accurately, bringing out the essence of each piece of music through the orchestra.” -- People’s Music on Conductor Tay Teow Kiat.

The Dream of the Red Chamber concert suite, composed by Wang Liping (王立平), is based on the soundtrack of the 1987 CCTV television adaption of the eponymous classic Chinese novel. Since its debut performance by the City Chinese Orchestra (CCO) in 1999, the suite has gained immense popularity within the Chinese community. After nearly 100 performances staged by numerous orchestras in China and Southeast Asia, CCO is proud to present the suite again in Encore – A Decade of Dreams from the Red Chamber《梦系红楼》— 十年回顾.

Join renowned female soprano Wu Bixia (吴碧霞) as she dazzles you with her rendition of classic songs in the suite, such as Poem of Flower Burial and Longing in Vain. Hailed as the “nightingale of the East and West”, Wu Bixia is the first vocalist in China who is equally proficient in the Chinese traditional school and the western “bel canto” school of opera, and as won numerous international awards of the highest standing.

Performed in Chinese.

Vocal Accompaniment by Yi Sheng Choral Ensemble


- 孙超逸,中国人民大学学生,对观赏狮城华乐团于2007年在北京演出后的感言

“(吴碧霞)出来的声音圆润、科学... 加入了中国的色彩,声音很有张力,也很灵活。”
- 金铁霖,中国音乐学院资深声乐教授,对吴碧霞演唱的评价

“郑朝吉先生指挥严谨、准确、稳健见长,分寸感强... 并能将各种不同风格乐曲的意境和神韵表现得淋漓尽致,其指挥水准及训练乐队的才能令人折服。”

1987年,中国中央电视台首次将扣人心弦的文学巨著《红楼梦》改编成电视连续剧,剧中音乐插曲由著名作曲家王立平先生创作,多年来广为唱诵,堪称乐曲经典。1999年狮城华乐团首次演绎《红楼梦》歌曲,深获华人社群好评。十年来,这部经典乐曲多次被中国及海外乐团演绎,演出场数近百。狮城华乐团非常荣幸地于十年后再次呈献这部家喻户晓的《红楼梦》歌曲:《梦系红楼》— 十年回顾。



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